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Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Self-Hosted deployment model with Cloud-Native development design gives you freedom of choise in terms of run it anywhere with no vendor lock-in on any cloud provider ( Azure, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Alibaba Cloud, etc …) with container support. Managing services lifecycle become easier with our kubernetes operators or deployment charts. White Labeling our solutions while meeting compliance requirements can open up new potantial markets and improve your company’s overall security posture.

No Upfront Cost

Less operational overhead while verifiying bussiness assumptions are important for any bussiness. We are in the middle between IAAS and your SAAS requirements that provides solutions especially when it is important quick to market. Beside self hosted model we manage all your security, regulations and other business critical requiriments with no need your company to invest internal IT teams. More over, pay as you go model best fits with providing extra savings.


Sharing the science with other people, makes it better by evaluation of community members and the direction of the market. Everyone can use that knowledge to keep advancing while giving people control over their system. That is the reason why we are sharing our solutions to open-source community while we are part of the community as both contributor and consumer.

Scale & Flexibility

Horizantal scalibility gives you stability, reliability and robustness on demanding changes. Each service has it own scale charasteristics with proven benchmarks. Services are designed to work in multi-tenant environments with standart protocols. OpenID, SAML or LDAP can be easily integrated.